Integration Quality Requirements

Basics of responsibilities that you need to meet; content moderation; fundamentals of how the mechanics have to play out.

Ecosystem Health as #1 Priority

The health of the ecosystem is the top priority at POAP.

This means that all parties are responsible for fostering healthy drops and quality user experience.


POAP Issuer Guidelines

Learn more about what's expected of Issuer responsibilities here

Your Duties as an Integrator

Prevent Farming

Farming, Defined: The act of collecting POAPs from events/activities in which the collector did not actually participate.

Farmers, Defined: A malicious actor who attempts to collect POAPs for events/milestones in which they were not actually a participant.

You can help us care for the ecosystem by ensuring that only real, living, breathing humans are able to take part in collecting. This means you will do your best to ensure POAPโ€™s are not farmed by bots or collected en masse by bad actors using multiple wallets.

Be a Good Steward

POAP is a public good. Integrators, especially when operating at scale, are a significant contributor to the overall protocol. Your design decisions and subsequent user actions will directly contribute to either benefiting or harming this public good.

Responsible Distribution

Responsible POAP distribution is vital for keeping both issuers and collectors happy, and for maintaining the overall health of the protocol. POAP has also established the POAP Curation Body to review POAP drops for quality and responsible distribution. When facilitating or participating in distribution, please do so responsibly and keep the integrity of the protocol at the forefront of your mind.

Distribution Requirements

Remember, the POAP Curation Body reviews all POAP drops for quality and responsible distribution. In order to ensure quick approvals, please follow the below distribution requirements.

1. Artwork Format

  • Type: Artwork is original (not copyrighted, not a stock image, no sensitive content) possibly using image check at the product level. Including the date of the event in the artwork is recommended.
  • Format: PNG or GIF renamed to PNG(animated).
  • Recommended Size: 500x500px, round shape, less than 200KB
  • Additional Notes: If this becomes a default spec, it could make for interesting UX. Irrespective of image size or format uploaded by a user, it will default to the above artwork spec.

2. Drop Description

  • Copy: Ensure description is comprehensive and contains no gibberish, hate speech etc.
  • Language: English. Descriptions can be in any language, but if non-English is included then an English description is still required as well.
  • Additional Notes: Language requirements may change in the future as the Curation Body becomes more flexible in their use of translation tools.
    Take a look at the form used to create a drop through the POAP front end.

Distribution Methods

  • The distribution method is another consideration of the POAP Curation Body to ensure that POAPs are not farmed (some methods are more appropriate for certain use cases).

  • Thoughtful distribution is key to any POAP drop; if distribution goes awry, it can allow farmers/bots/bad actors to mint some, or even all, of the POAPs in a drop. This ruins the fun for collectors because the POAP is no longer uniquely held by those who were supposed to receive it. For issuers, ineligible individuals minting their POAP is also problematic if they intend to tie any future utility to that POAP.


POAPs can be distributed via the following methods:

  1. Unique โ€œmint linksโ€. These are sent to the issuer in the form of URLs in a .txt file. Each link allows for the minting of one POAP. IYK, Magic POAP QR Dispenser, Discord bot(s)

  2. โ€œGateโ€ methods. These methods can potentially be accessed by anyone and they include:

  • A website URL that, when visited, allows anyone to mint the POAP.
  • A static QR code that, when scanned, allows anyone to mint the POAP.
  • A Secret Word that, when inputted into the POAP app, allows anyone to mint the POAP.

Please note: โ€œGateโ€ distribution methods are less secure because anyone who has access to the website URL, secret word, website URL, or even a picture of the static QR code can mint the POAP. If this information is leaked, especially online, all POAPs will likely be quickly minted by individuals who were not actually eligible to receive the POAP. Please refer back to Duty #1, which is to prevent these types of leaks.

Also, here's some additional documentation on the distribution methods