How to do my first test

A few things to consider when creating your first drop.

For a better experience, we encourage using the POAP mint links (via POST /event/{id}/qr-codes) as your delivery method, especially for your first test.

What are POAP mint links?

Mint links are unique links that entitle collectors to mint one POAP via the standard POAP mint flow. Distributing mint links is one of the more secure methods of POAP distribution, as it's difficult for one person to secure multiple mint links.

Individual mint links are typically better for somewhat smaller POAP issuances, or for those that can automate the distribution using bots on Discord, an email marketing platform, or other tools. One of the advantages of using mint links is that cross-platform distribution is easy; however you plan to distribute, it should be as easy as handing collectors a URL. Optionally, this URL may be represented with a QR code (and/or printed) through a service like QRExplore. Another option for QR code distribution is using the Magic POAP QR Dispenser, which will allow you to display each POAP's mint QR in sequential order as they're scanned. This can be extremely handy for quickly and easily distributing POAPs during live, in-person events or even events that are streamed online.

Mint links are requested during the POAP drop creation process.

✅ Secure

🔴 Time-consuming to distribute one-by-one unless the Magic POAP Dispenser is used.

Steps to follow for the first test

Step 1: Use the POST /event/{id}/qr-codes to get the list of mint links available from your .txt file. This shows you a list of mint links for the specific drop. Mint links are provided to you after the POAP Curation Body gives your drop a positive review.

Step 2: Use the GET /actions/claim-qr to check the status of the mint
links. This allows you to check how many mint links are claimed.

Step 3: Use the POST /actions/claim-qr to allow a collector to mint a POAP by sharing a mint link from the .txt file in step 1.


You'll need the edit code to make changes to the event

You'll need to use the "secret" edit code to make any changes to the drop. This includes requesting additional mint links (if appropriate). The edit code is provided to you in the initial drop creation confirmation email. Please check your email for the edit code.


Testing Checklist

If you are creating a drop for testing purposes, follow this checklist:

Mark the event as a private drop
Since we don’t have a test environment and are testing directly in production, we ask that the event be set to "private". There’s a checkbox for this on the bottom left-hand side, above the save button.

Include the word "test" in your title

Mark artwork as test
We highly encourage the artwork for test events to be marked as a test. Please avoid any artwork that is a stock image or could be copyright infringement. Do not reuse artwork intended for your actual drop as part of your test.

Request a minimal number of mint links
While testing, we generally suggest requesting a minimal amount of mint links (less than 10). If your test needs more, we can always help.

Additional considerations for testing:

Load Test - If you want to do a load test, please contact us. We do not encourage users to do load tests.

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