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POAP is a public good, built on behalf of every human, to empower the individual with a reliable system for preserving memories and recognizing contributions to the collective happiness and well-being of the people around them.

Developers are the unsung heroes behind this public good. While POAP Inc builds the tech, developers build the vibrant ecosystem of applications that connect communities and create new avenues for curated participation.

POAP is curated ecosystem for the preservation of memories. The platform provides the infrastructure for issuers to mint and distribute digital collectables that mark life’s most memorable moments.

What is POAP?

POAP is a protocol for the preservation of memories as digital records, minted as non-fungible tokens on the blockchain under the ERC-721 standard.

The POAP platform offers numerous functionalities exposed through an API. Everyone is free to use POAP's API to obtain information regarding POAPs minted, drops created, etc.

Additionally, you can use the API to create your applications on top of POAP by automating POAP distributions. For this, you will need API authorization tokens. Please refer to Authentication for more information on requesting authorization tokens.

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By using the POAP API, you agree that your integration distributes POAPs only to eligible collectors (who are real, living, breathing humans), and that you will take great care to ensure POAPs are not farmed by bots or collected en masse by bad actors using multiple wallets.

Responsible POAP distribution is vital for keeping both issuers and collectors happy, and to the overall health of the protocol. POAP has also established the Curation Body to review POAP drops for quality and responsible distribution.

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Before using our API, we suggest a quick read through our Help Center in order to better understand the POAP ecosystem.

Before getting started, there is some POAP terminology that may be worth familiarizing yourself with, as these will be referenced frequently throughout the documentation. Go ahead and explore the POAP glossary to get up to speed on the vocabulary.