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Can I know how many days does it take to process the API key request?

I have submitted the access form already on Friday 24th Feb 2022. So, I was just wondering when would I get access to the keys or if there is a need for anything else to process the request. Please let me know. Thank you.

How can I check on the status of my api key request?

I did not receive an email validating i filled out the request, It's been a couple of days so just want to make sure the request form worked and curious how i'd be sent my the keys.

Requested Authentication token but didn't receive it

I requested for POAP API as well as authentication token but only received POAP API

Getting unauthorized while using enpoints to claim POAPs

Trying the qr-codes endpoint for claiming POAPs and getting a 403 unauthorized /event/{id}/qr-codes Tried to check if the secret code is valid using /event/validate but getting unauthorized there as well My event id is 102279. Please help me understand how I can claim using the flow shown here -

could i change the expired date after the expiration

hello, unfortunately i could not change it anymore - although i have the edit-nr.

API returns invalid data for certain POAP?

Hello, I'm Lemon from Guild we are currently troubleshooting a gating issue with a POAP drop. the dropped POAP is not visible by the explorer/gallery and users who claimed can't seem to validate they hold this asset because the API returns an empty response. I created a POAP with the same settings and claimed on my wallet and I can get a response and gate with it. My POAP id: 100411, theirs: 45588 Why there is no response for theirs? I would guess the private event but it has nothing to do with it. I'm asking for technical help with the API. Thanks in advance, Lemon

Get total number of event by API

Hi, I want to now is there any api to get the total number of event? "/paginated-events" is pass "total" but I found it not represent the total number of events

How can I get more qr-codes once the event is created?

If I requested for 10 codes but then I need more, how can I get more qr-codes? Thanks

Requests limit

Could anyone let me know what is the request limit by API key?

Is there a dynamic address-based allow listing based on external smart contract interaction via webhook?

Hello, my name is Roy and I'm working on a web3 project to allow a specific address to mint a POAP based on an on-chain event. We are looking to build a system that whenever an X event is emitted in a smart contract, we allow minting a POAP for that wallet address (sender) dynamically. I see Delivery might seem like a good option for token-gating minting, however, it appears to be a manual drop, is there a way to programmatically add addresses to the delivery list triggered by an event, which would refresh the allow list in real-time? If Delivery is not an option, I wanted to check if there is a good path to accomplish these checks. We could potentially handle this off-chain but wanted to confirm if this is something we could enforce within POAP. Thank you!