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How can I check on the status of my api key request?

I did not receive an email validating i filled out the request, It's been a couple of days so just want to make sure the request form worked and curious how i'd be sent my the keys.

Requested Authentication token but didn't receive it

I requested for POAP API as well as authentication token but only received POAP API

Getting unauthorized while using enpoints to claim POAPs

Trying the qr-codes endpoint for claiming POAPs and getting a 403 unauthorized /event/{id}/qr-codes Tried to check if the secret code is valid using /event/validate but getting unauthorized there as well My event id is 102279. Please help me understand how I can claim using the flow shown here -

Requests limit

Could anyone let me know what is the request limit by API key?

Get Auth token after requested API Key

Hi, I thought that the endpoints I would need to use were all public but looks like POST /actions/claim-qr and POST /events/{id}/qr-codes are also protected. I've requested the API KEY only but I would need auth token as well, can you extend my request and send me the Authentication token too? Thanks

How to check if a claim link is already been claimed or not?

Hello, I have a project which dynamically retrieve POAP links inside a QR Code (only one). When the user scans the QrCode, it already redirects the user to its poap link claiming site. The thing i'm struggling on is this: If i have this link ->, how can i verify if "example" is already been minted? I cannot retrieve any kind of informations about address, email or something else, the only thing we know is the event information, because we'll create it. I was checking inside the APIs but i didn't find anything similar to what i need, what i was going to implement, is a scheduler that every X minutes will go validate the "example" and if it is not already minted it will be available again for scans. Thanks a lot Dario