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POAP embed?

Is there a way to show-off your POAPs with an html embed? Use-case is I want to show-off POAPS either in a personal website or DeSoc App <br>

Get total number of event by API

Hi, I want to now is there any api to get the total number of event? "/paginated-events" is pass "total" but I found it not represent the total number of events

How to check status of created Event?

Hello, is there any API or way to check the status of created Event(Drop through events "" API [HTTP:POST])

Why this endpoint doesnt work?

When i try yo mint a poap by Secret word it's always says 'Secret not found' but if i try to mint the poap on mobile app with same secret word it's works. I use POST request to this endpoint with data: website: [my-approved-secret-word] address: [my wallet address]

POAP architecture

Hi, I'm a blockchain developer and I use your API. I have some questions about the protocol. How do you manage the fees? Is there a script that automatically calls the "mint" function of the smart contract with your company's wallet? Thanks for your time, Regards.

Easier POAP Visibility

Is it possible to link the poaps you see when viewing to their event on ? So when you click on the poap it takes you to the gallery page (which includes the text description).

Generating an access token triggers an error when using it in Authorization Bearer.

I am testing an app locally and correctly generated the accessToken from the OAuth endpoint. I am following the docs to use this token to retrieve data. I get the following data in response to my request : { message: "'$myToken' not a valid key=value pair (missing equal-sign) in Authorization header: 'Bearer $myToken'" } Where I replaced my own access_token generated previously with $myToken in the message. Am I doing something wrong with the token ? The API endpoint I'm using is Thank you for your help,

Error whilst trying to retrieve Auth Token

Hello, When trying to retrieve my Auth Token using the curl command as per your email, I'm getting the following error: {"error":"access_denied","error_description":"Client is not authorized to access \"$client\". You need to create a \"client-grant\" associated to this API. See:!/Client_Grants/post_client_grants"}% Could you help urgently with this please? Many thanks Phil

Swagger/OpenAPI API description

👋 I'd like to generate client-side code for the POAP API. It's seems like supports both. Is there a .json or .yaml API description file I could download in order to do so. Thanks in advance. Mario

Integration with popular CRM's?

Does POAP API integrate with any major CRM’s out there? Example: Salesforce, HubSpot, etc. Thanks!