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How can I get more qr-codes once the event is created?

If I requested for 10 codes but then I need more, how can I get more qr-codes? Thanks

Requests limit

Could anyone let me know what is the request limit by API key?

Is there a dynamic address-based allow listing based on external smart contract interaction via webhook?

Hello, my name is Roy and I'm working on a web3 project to allow a specific address to mint a POAP based on an on-chain event. We are looking to build a system that whenever an X event is emitted in a smart contract, we allow minting a POAP for that wallet address (sender) dynamically. I see Delivery might seem like a good option for token-gating minting, however, it appears to be a manual drop, is there a way to programmatically add addresses to the delivery list triggered by an event, which would refresh the allow list in real-time? If Delivery is not an option, I wanted to check if there is a good path to accomplish these checks. We could potentially handle this off-chain but wanted to confirm if this is something we could enforce within POAP. Thank you!

Get Auth token after requested API Key

Hi, I thought that the endpoints I would need to use were all public but looks like POST /actions/claim-qr and POST /events/{id}/qr-codes are also protected. I've requested the API KEY only but I would need auth token as well, can you extend my request and send me the Authentication token too? Thanks

Link with API Key says expired but only sent 16 hours ago.

As in the description.

Can i get an object showing all the Poaps claimed by a specific wallet?

Hi! I would like to know if the POAP XYZ API has an Endpoint that recieves the wallet address and return all the poaps claimed by that wallet.

403 Error

I have just acquired an API key and I'm getting 403 as response.

403 Forbidden

I have just acquired an API key and I'm getting 403 as response.

How to check status of created Event?

Hello, is there any API or way to check the status of created Event(Drop through events "" API [HTTP:POST])

403 Forbidden Access

Hi, I recently just obtained an API key. However, when I use the available endpoints such as and others, I receive a 403 forbidden response. Seems like a permission issue on the API key?