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API key

I had requested an API key a few weeks back and had received an email with the link sometime back. I completely missed the email, apologies for that. Please let me know if it would be possible to send another link or if i need to fill up the form again.

Easier POAP Visibility

Is it possible to link the poaps you see when viewing to their event on ? So when you click on the poap it takes you to the gallery page (which includes the text description).

Need Auth Tokens

I had asked for API access on Monday(08-11) and received the API keys late last night, but it turns due to some change in requirements we will be needing access to protected APIs as well and hence I'm requesting access for Auth tokens. The request is time sensitive and hence let me know if there is something that could be done to expedite this.

API Key and Auth token link expired

I was a dummy and didn't save these anywhere without realizing I can only access the emailed link once. I sent in a new form already but I wanted to let the team know since I'm on a tight timeline.

Need refreshed Auth Token credentials

The “onetimesecret” link that was sent to my inbox has expired. I need a new link sent to me so that I may obtain the necessary auth token credentials for use in my app. How might I go about requesting a new “onetimesecret” link?

Auth token

I received my api key a week ago but have yet to receive my auth token. The email mentioned 2-3 business days. What’s the best channel to escalate?

Offset query param

What does offset mean in and how do I use it?

Voxels Feature

Hey all, how do I use the feature in the virtual world Voxels that distributes Poaps to attendees by allowing them to click on the feature? Is it possible to make a test run by creating a private poap? How do I make sure it is working? All i get is error messages.

Generating an access token triggers an error when using it in Authorization Bearer.

I am testing an app locally and correctly generated the accessToken from the OAuth endpoint. I am following the docs to use this token to retrieve data. I get the following data in response to my request : { message: "'$myToken' not a valid key=value pair (missing equal-sign) in Authorization header: 'Bearer $myToken'" } Where I replaced my own access_token generated previously with $myToken in the message. Am I doing something wrong with the token ? The API endpoint I'm using is Thank you for your help,

Do claims with ENS update along with new ENS resolution?

If you claim to an ENS, update the ENS records to resolve to a different address, and then use [GET /actions/scan/{address}]( to look up the POAPs claimed by an ENS, will it show the POAP you previously claimed with that ENS when it was resolving to a different address? Or will it only show POAPs for the address the ENS currently resolves to?