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API returns invalid data for certain POAP?

Hello, I'm Lemon from Guild we are currently troubleshooting a gating issue with a POAP drop. the dropped POAP is not visible by the explorer/gallery and users who claimed can't seem to validate they hold this asset because the API returns an empty response. I created a POAP with the same settings and claimed on my wallet and I can get a response and gate with it. My POAP id: 100411, theirs: 45588 Why there is no response for theirs? I would guess the private event but it has nothing to do with it. I'm asking for technical help with the API. Thanks in advance, Lemon

Secret word not found. 404

I created a test POAP with a secret claim word. I activate the POAP and am able to successfully claim it via iOS. However, when I try to claim it via the API (/website/claim POST) it returns 404 Secret Not Found. Anyone able to help?

Are Auth Tokens and API keys sent in a single email?

Hello! I requested both API keys and Auth Tokens - are these sent in the same email or separate messages? Either way I'm still missing my Auth Tokens haha. Many thanks :-) Phil

Getting 403 for any request through Nodejs

Tried on <>, everything worked out fine. When running the same code on my machine, I'm getting the following result. ``` res: Response { size: 0, timeout: 0, [Symbol(Body internals)]: { body: [Gunzip], disturbed: true, error: null }, [Symbol(Response internals)]: { url: '', status: 403, statusText: 'Forbidden', headers: [Headers], counter: 0 } } ```

Need Authentication Tokens in addition to API Key

Hi there, Thank you once again for the API Key. We've begun preliminary development on our project and have realized that we need access to some private endpoints in order to issue POAPs, like the GET and POST to /actions/claim-qr endpoint. Therefore, in addition to the API Key that you've sent, we also need Authentication Tokens. Apologies that this was not requested initially. Thanks & looking forward to your reply. Let me know if there is anything else needed from our end.

/events endpoint format

Are POST requests to the /events API in form-encoded or JSON format? If JSON format, what format is the `image` property expected to be in? Base64?

Link with API Key says expired but only sent 16 hours ago.

As in the description.

Get total number of event by API

Hi, I want to now is there any api to get the total number of event? "/paginated-events" is pass "total" but I found it not represent the total number of events

How to find auth token request field "audience"

Hi, I've requested an auth token and gotten the id and secret but I don't know what value to use for audience. I've tried using the url I provided to the form but it gives me an error saying that the service is not available within this domain. Thanks for the help

Offset query param

What does offset mean in and how do I use it?