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How to check if a claim link is already been claimed or not?

Hello, I have a project which dynamically retrieve POAP links inside a QR Code (only one). When the user scans the QrCode, it already redirects the user to its poap link claiming site. The thing i'm struggling on is this: If i have this link ->, how can i verify if "example" is already been minted? I cannot retrieve any kind of informations about address, email or something else, the only thing we know is the event information, because we'll create it. I was checking inside the APIs but i didn't find anything similar to what i need, what i was going to implement, is a scheduler that every X minutes will go validate the "example" and if it is not already minted it will be available again for scans. Thanks a lot Dario

Is it possible to fetch the ExpiryDate of a POAP?

Similar to how we can fetch Start Date and End Date of a POAP, is it possible to fetch the expiryDate as well? <> from the metadata?

403 when accessing protected endpoint with access token

I successfully obtained an access token from Auth0 and am now trying to access the following protected endpoint, but am getting a 403: Here is the command I'm running: ``` curl \ -H "X-API-Key: $apiKey" \ -H "Authorization: Bearer $accessToken" -H "Accept: application/json" \ -H "Host:" ``` And the response: ``` {"Message":"User is not authorized to access this resource with an explicit deny"} ``` Is there additional configuration/setup needed before I can use this endpoint? Thanks!

Generating an access token triggers an error when using it in Authorization Bearer.

I am testing an app locally and correctly generated the accessToken from the OAuth endpoint. I am following the docs to use this token to retrieve data. I get the following data in response to my request : { message: "'$myToken' not a valid key=value pair (missing equal-sign) in Authorization header: 'Bearer $myToken'" } Where I replaced my own access_token generated previously with $myToken in the message. Am I doing something wrong with the token ? The API endpoint I'm using is Thank you for your help,

What is audience, client_id and client_secret in oauth/token to generate access token?

HI guys, I was trying to access qrcode based api. but it is asking for audience, client_id and client_secret in oauth/token to generate access token. What is this?

Voxels Feature

Hey all, how do I use the feature in the virtual world Voxels that distributes Poaps to attendees by allowing them to click on the feature? Is it possible to make a test run by creating a private poap? How do I make sure it is working? All i get is error messages.

Mint POA to wallet after a previous email minting ?

Hi, After a POA has been "reserved" via an email address (with /actions/claim-qr), I was wondering if we could use the same API to send it to an ethereum address ? It seems that /actions/claim-qr cannot be used with an ethereum address after an email has been used before ("Bad Request - QR Claim already claimed"). The only way I found is to go to so that the user can enter his email address to mint its POA to his wallet. In my use case, I would like to automate the process of reservation and minting to an eth address. Thanks for you help

Swagger/OpenAPI API description

👋 I'd like to generate client-side code for the POAP API. It's seems like supports both. Is there a .json or .yaml API description file I could download in order to do so. Thanks in advance. Mario

CORS error accessing POAP API

Hello, We are using POAP API for some time, and around last week we starting to get CORS errors: `Access to XMLHttpRequest at '' from origin ... has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.` Tried to switch to, didn't help. Can't find anything in your documentation / help. Could you give a suggestion where to look for a solution?

Error whilst trying to retrieve Auth Token

Hello, When trying to retrieve my Auth Token using the curl command as per your email, I'm getting the following error: {"error":"access_denied","error_description":"Client is not authorized to access \"$client\". You need to create a \"client-grant\" associated to this API. See:!/Client_Grants/post_client_grants"}% Could you help urgently with this please? Many thanks Phil