This endpoint returns a list of POAPs held by an address and the event details, token ID, chain, and owner address for each.
A 200 status code with an empty list is returned when the address does not hold any POAPs.
If you already know the event ID, you can use GET /actions/scan/{address}/{eventID} to check if an address holds that POAP.
Note: For large collections of POAPs, it may take a while to load the artwork, since average size of the original artwork can be ~2MB per item (we allow upto 4MB). For solving this, we've developed a way to offer compressed artwork. To use this, you can request a smaller, lower resolution version of the image, simply append "?size=small" to the end of the image_url field value. For example, "".
For more options with artwork sizes, you can also use extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large file sizes, in addition to the original size.
xsmall = 64x64px
small = 128x128px
medium = 256x256px
large = 512x512px
xlarge = 1024x1024px

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