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Are Events recorded in the chain?

I see some answers that point to the fact that Events are themselves recorded in the blockchain network, I guess under their own smartcontract.

Are they recorded? Is is possible to use a block explorer to locate the creation? or a function in an smartcontract to query their existence?

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Can I update the event image? Can event metadata be changed?
Yes, you can change the event name, description, country, city, start date, end date, expire date, and URL. The only items that cannot be changed are the image and on-chain values (eg: Address, token ID, event ID).

Does the API support all POAPs on all chains?
No, at the moment the events can only be created and claimed on Gnosis chain. If you want the data for mainnet, Polygon, or L2s then you will need to index it.

However, there is partial support for mainnet data. For example if you are looking up POAPs held by an address or a specific token ID, the API will indicate if it’s on Gnosis or mainnet.